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The purpose of this website is to provide a one-stop home for A-level Math.

The intention is that, over time, the site develops to include text, videos, executable files, links and anything else that might prove useful in your quest to achieve grade A in Mathematics.

A few years ago I had the idea of producing videos for students to use as part of revision. My PC at home couldn't cope with the processor-intensive video editing software and just crashed whenever I tried to do anything. A few months later came MathsWatch, an exciting development in revision guides offering students worked examples and spoken explanations of GCSE topics on video files. Essentially this is a much better version of what I had tried to do earlier. But my idea was always aimed at A-level. At the time I was in charge of Post 16 courses at Greenford High School so that is where my ideas were focussed.

MathsWatch have been asked whether they intend to produce a GCE version of their GCSE video CD but say that they have no intention of doing so currently. For this reason I will use video wherever possible or appropriate - if MathsWatch A-Level existed then I wouldn't bother trying to improve on their work.

All of this takes time. Lots of it. Anyone who has ever made a short film knows that it's very time-consuming to get things right. Even writing this rubbish is stopping me from catching up with Emmerdale Farm. I won't keep re-recording until I get things perfect, so expect the odd error (not in the maths hopefully but I will probably end up having to correct myself as I go occasionally, rather than starting from scratch).

This site has been written in XHTML strict and should work on any web browser. It has been tested in Firefox v2 and v3 and IE7 and IE8. Details of how I wrote this website will soon be available in the Other\Programming section.

M D Yarnell

March 2009.